Savings Schemes

Scheme 1

Group   Month   The Weight of gold
you will get at the end of
15th month
0.500 gm   15   7.5gm
1gm   15   15gm
2gm   15   30gm
4gm   15   60gm
5gm   15   75gm
6gm   15   90gm
8gm   15   120gm
  • Duration of Gold Saving Scheme - 15 months
  • Savings amount is creadited as gold
  • Your monthly Savings can be saved as gold
  • The Gold Savings is stable
  • The Saving should not be done either in advance or in
    delayed manner
  • No KDM Charge or sales tax
  • For Gold Ornament bought above the value of saving there
    is making or wastage charge
  • The saved gold can be received in the form of gold coins also
  • The saving amount canbe paid by way of ready cash or bank
    account or online
  • On no account will the saving be returned in the form of cash

Scheme 2

Monthly Due
  Total Amount
(15 Month)  
  Bonus Amount
  Grand Total
200   3000   200   3200
500   7500   500   8000
1000   15000   1000   16000
2000   30000   2000   32000
3000   45000   3000   48000
5000   75000   5000   80000

Scheme Duration - 15 Months

Save Money Get back the money plus bonus in the form of gold
and silver of the item market rate

One cannot get gold and silver coins in this scheme

Those who discontionue will get things worth the cost of the amount
paid. NO bonus will be given

Everymonth the due must be paid with the stipulated time

While receiving jewels at the end bringing the card and the receipts
is must

Subjects to terms and conditions of the company

Scheme 3

Save Money Today

Get Gold Today it self...

Save money in the form of gold at your convenience.

The Gold Saved Can be received either fully or partially
at any time.

Savings from Rs.500 onwards.

Duration 15 Months.

The saving can be received in the form of gold coins.
where bought or jewels sales tax and making and
wastage charges will be levied.

On no account will the savings be given in the form of cash
and gold can be saved only by paying by way of cash.

Subject to terms and conditions of the company.

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